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Burghfield Parish Plan Refresh - 2017

Burghfield Parish Council is currently working to update and refresh their Parish Plan. They would like to understand what is important to you, your family and friends. In order to help develop the new Plan please could you complete the form below about living, working, learning and growing up in the town.   



Parish Council owned Grit Bins:

There are a number of grit bins provided by the parish council within the parish of Burghfield. The salt / grit in the bins is for use within the community on public paths, pavements and roads. The salt is not for private use on driveways or garden paths.

Anyone can use the salt to put on the roads or pavements. This can be particularly useful for example, to ‘join up’ salting from the main road carried out by District Council salting vehicles – to smaller access roads or on the pavements to the local school. One tablespoon of salt (20 grams) is sufficient to treat one square metre of road / pavement surface. Please use the salt carefully – overuse will result in it being used up too quickly.

The bins are scheduled to be filled each autumn by West Berkshire Council , however if a bin near you is empty, please report this to the parish clerk as soon as possible.  

A list of locations, and their numbers can be downloaded here: Grit bins - Burghfield